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Use our digital media to get your message even closer to your target segment

Stay informed on, Denmark’s largest website for construction projects and solutions within the construction industry

Our flagship is, incomparably the market’s largest provider of documentation and presentation of construction projects. On our website we have articles, graphics and hard data describing over 1,000 construction projects, categorized by building type. The website is a very popular reference work for all in the construction industry who are looking for information on specific, completed construction projects – which also makes it an attractive place for both consultants, contractors and suppliers to describe their role in the individual building projects. Precise, serious and visually stunning.

The website has a continuous flow of news and is organized in thematic categories within the various trade specialties.

The website is the only one of its kind in Denmark targeted toward the professional construction trade – with 20,000 visitors and 50,000 page views each month. is the digital platform for our strong niche media of the same name, while targets the interior design and furniture industry.

We are active on social media - primarily Facebook with, where there is opportunity for the dissemination of news, presenting construction projects and new products – and thus specific dissemination of messages from our advertisers. Facebook is consequently an effective complement to our website in that our editorial content reaches an even broader audience, which is an obvious advantage for our advertisers.

Our newsletter targets over 4,000 professionals in the construction industry and is published every 14 days. It represents an excellent opportunity for marketing through banner advertising.

Web partnerships

We offer businesses in the construction industry the opportunity to be an integrated part of our online universe through a special ‘web partnership’. This gives the partner access to their own profile page and access to our news section, where they can publish their own articles and company news – whether it’s new projects, new products or other new initiatives.