Information about our themes

At our web we bring categories of themes, where we focus on selected professional areas in the building industry. Get professional information and inspiration on everything from interiors, through sports centres, to concrete foundations



Construction applications. Focus on news and solutions for roof, facade, walls, decks, floors, stairs, balconies, foundation and exterior coating. From the variety of concrete tiles to polished concrete floors.

Residential building and renovation

From planning and demolition of the actual renovation - from complete renovations to the roofing repairs and the replacement of facades, windows, electrical installations, etc.

Glass and solar screening

Focus on aesthetics and function. Modern office buildings are often characterized by large glass panels and require solutions that provide a comfortable environment. The solutions are numerous, for example. awning constructions, blinds, louver blinds, exterior and interior lamella screens or colored glass.


Semi Rigid / hard floors, carpets and flooring accessories and installation flooring. Inspiration on all types of flooring whether it is wood, laminate, vinyl, fabric or tile.

Hospital construction

Architecture and interior design in healthcare. The healthcare sector is facing massive investments in the coming years. Hospitals, health centers, wellness centres, clinics, hospitalhotels and hospices - with focus on healing architecture.

Hotels and conference centres

How to create the perfect conditions in hotels and conference centres when it comes to interior design, furniture, and not least: the application of new information technology.

Office buildings and corporate headquarters

Planning for the building of offices and corporate headquarters – solutions, cases and architecture.


Furniture, interior design projects and lighting. We write about trends in interior design at the contract market through product information, profiles and background articles.

Kitchen, bath and cloakroom

News, solutions and trends. The kitchen is the modern home’s meeting place and workshop. The bathroom is in focus as a favorite space for relaxation and wellbeing.

Shopping centers and shops

Construction plans, architecture and interior design. Various store concepts, from small shops malls and larger shops, to big malls and shopping centers.

School construction

Architecture and interior design of schools. Tomorrow’s school is under development and learning must take place in an environment where classrooms and libraries are not only equipped with ergonomic furniture and teaching aids such as smart boards, but are also an environment where good indoor air quality and good sound helps to improve student learning.

Steel construction

Use of steel in construction. Steel joists, steel trusses and steel beams in a building play an important role in the supporting structure. But steel is also used extensively for stairs, walkways, balconies, partitions and doors.

Roof and façade

Often, the roof is designed so it lends architectural power and strength – space and light – to the indoor experience. This applies in particular to exciting solutions for skylights and roof windows, which only a roof can provide. Roofing, insulation, eaves, unused roof spaces and balconies. Focus on roofing materials and roof structure and using the roof as an energy source via solar panels.

Security and plant

Design and operation of the site - from security to the use of plant and equipment.

Windows, doors and gates

Trends in design, materials and construction. Windows and doors - to create an open and free space, while fulfilling the requirements for good indoor air quality and protection against both cold and heat.

Walls and ceilings

Room division and surface, aesthetics and function. Ceilings and walls divide and structure the room and interact functionally and aesthetically with the decor, especially the acoustic environment. Colors and decorations.

Trade fairs

Throughout the year we bring coverage and reports from a variety of fairs: Domotex in Hannover, IMM in Køln, Nordbygg in Stockholm, Salone de Mobile, Milano and Stockholm Furniture Fair. Also Light + Building in Frankfurt, Orgatec in Køln, China International Furniture

Sustainable construction

How do we meet the challenges through green architecture, construction and building materials.