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With an ad in you are sure to be seen by key decision makers in the construction industry. It’s the easiest way for you to communicate your message directly to the appropriate audience.

A powerful marketing tool

Professionals within the construction industry have told us that is a powerful marketing tool. So powerful that it is widely used for reference, documentation and presentation. For your own marketing or to inspire your customers. We offer targeted marketing to the people you want to connect with: the other professionals in the construction industry.

Theme sections

In our theme sections, we take a professional in depth look at topical issues in the construction industry. Here it is possible to target your marketing to professionals who seek knowledge and inspiration on specific topics.

Construction and product news

Our building and product news allows for individual presentations and information on current solutions, products and news from the company itself: comprehensive product presentations, company acquisitions and more.

Profile articles

With a profile article, you can promote your business, your product or solution directly to your customers. An effective way to communicate your company’s qualities, skills or solutions.